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The following is a guide to the price of specific jobs and assumes we won’t have to deal with rusted bolts or seized threads. We will keep you advised before any additional work is undertaken.


This is a guide to labour costs and excludes the cost of any parts. Once we receive your bike an inspection will be undertaken and an accurate price for work will be given.


If you need something done to your bike and it isn’t on the list give me a call and I should be able to give you an idea of cost.


Full Service - Prices start from £95

This is a full comprehensive strip down of your bike to clean and degrease. Your whole bike will receive a complete check over and will be setup as it was when new. Where necessary and with your permission, we will fit any replacement parts needed.

Standard Service - £65

Treat your bike to a thorough check over. We will semi strip your bike to thoroughly degrease the moving parts. We will work through your entire bike to check and adjust the tension and settings. Where necessary and with your permission, we will fit any replacement parts needed.

Check and Tune - £38

I will work through your bike and adjust the tension in your gears and brakes, provide a basic wheel tune and advise you of any further work that may be required.

Bike Build

Build Bike From Box - £50

This includes unpacking of the bike, building it, adjusting gears, brakes and a complete safety check.

Build a Bike From New Components - Prices start from £100

This is to build a bike from new components either boxed or as new.

Build Bike From Existing Components - Prices start from £140

This is for the building of a bike from existing components or moving components from an existing frame to a new one.


Fit New Tyre - £15


Fit New Tubeless Tyre - £20


Freehub Service - £25

Strip freehub clean and lubricate.


Hub Adjustment - £10

Adjust cones to remove play price per hub.


Hub Service - Front Wheel £18, Rear Wheel £25

Strip down hub clean all components replace bearings and grease. Price per hub.


Puncture Repair - £15

Fit new inner tube and refit tyre.


Replace Spoke In Front Wheel - £15


Replace Spoke In Rear Wheel - £20


General Wheel True - £15

This is undertaken with the wheel on the bike and will be trued to run through the brakes.


Precision Wheel True - £25

Using our jig, we will true out flat spots and buckles.  The wheel will be set to the correct tension.  Should the wheel be too damaged for repair, we will advise as to the best option.


Wheel Build - £50

Price is per wheel.


Gear Tune Up - Front and rear £18

Adjust the cable tension, set the limit screws on both front and rear derailleurs, index and check.


Gear Service - £35

As above but including replacing inner cables and outer casings if needed lubrication and correction of any mechanical fault.


Shimano Di2 Diagnostic - £25

Fault finding, firmware updates and reconfiguration.


Adjust Headset & Remove Play - £8

Fit New Handlebars & Tape - £25

Fit New Handlebar Stem With Removable Face plate - £10

Fit New Handlebar Stem Without Removable Face plate - £20

Fit New Headset - £20

Service Headset - £20

Strip headset check components replace as necessary lubricate.


Fit New Chain - £10

Fit New Cassette/Freehub - £18

Fit New Crankset On Existing Bottom Bracket - £20

Remove Old Bottom Bracket & Replace With New - £28

Clean Drive Train - £20

Fit New Front Or Rear Derailleur - £15


Fit New Inner Cables & Adjust - Single brake £15, Both brakes £25

Full Inner Cable & Outer Casing Replacement - £32

Replace Pads Or Blocks & Adjust - Single brake £10, Both brakes £18

Hydraulic Brake Bleed - Single brake £20, Both brakes £38


Diagnostic Report (Bosch/Shimano) - £25

This service is to diagnose faults only, the fault can then be rectified by us at your request at an extra charge.

Software Update (Bosch/Shimano) - £20

Recommended yearly to keep up to date.


Fit Mudguards Per Wheel - £7

Fit Rack - £15

Bike Wash Polish & Lube - £25



Why Beardyman Bike Repairs?

Two reasons, firstly I have a beard, but the main reason I have called my business Beardyman Bike Repairs is because when competing in a 24-hour cycling event at Le Mans in France a spectator every time I cycled past the Dunlop Bridge shouted “Hey Beardyman”, fair enough I have a beard, but the name stuck as the next day in a supermarket about 40 miles away a young man at the checkout who had also been competing at the event said, “Hello Beardyman”.

Why do I repair bikes?

I like my bikes and I like them to run right so have maintained my own bikes for a long time. This has led to many a request to help to sort other people’s bikes out, so I decided that I was going to take the plunge and gain a qualification and set up a business repairing bikes. I trained and attained a level 3 diploma in Bike Mechanics at The Bike Inn, Cumbria. So after running a Carpentry business for over 30 years I have now turned my passion into my profession.

So, what is my aim?

To offer a fast-friendly bike repair service and to get as many bikes out and about running safely and smoothly. Old bikes, new bikes any type of bike! No work is undertaken without discussion and your approval. All prices are quoted prior to work starting so you know what your getting and what it is going to cost.



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